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Samsung is going to make 5G available for everyone with The Galaxy A90

Sep 13, 2019       70       676

5G is still a new technology for everyone especially those who are not able to buy high-end mobile phones. Many mobile phone companies are entering in this technology with their flagship mobile phones which is almost out of budget for many people. Though 5G just entered the technology era it has a pervasive reputation and only because of that only flagship and top-tier mobile phone is using this game-changing technology in their system. 

But Samsung is different here and going to break the barrier. Samsung is trying to grab and attract the mid-range phone market by using this latest 5G technology in their midrange phone by introducing Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. They have already declared that Galaxy A90 is going to be the first mid-range phone which is going to support the 5G technology.

 So now it is pretty much sure that Samsung is going to make 5G available for all mid-range phone users. They particularly targeting the market of Asia where people are more comfortable with the mid-range phone as it is cost-effective. Previously Samsung was successful with its mid-tier phones in the Asian markets. They launched M and A series of phones which were one of the most successful steps for Samsung. The user's response to those phones was amazing and that's why again Samsung is going to deliver the latest technology with their mid-tier mobile phone.

Adding Top tier features like 5G technology in a mid-tier mobile phone is a little bit challenging. It is completely a strategy of Samsung to grab the market and attract users by offering high-end technology at a lower price. Chinese companies are offering their users high-end technology at a very lower cost, so Samsung is now aggressively going after them to grab the market. It, not a bad idea though but it will completely depend on the quality of the product.

Now let's have a look on Samsung Galaxy A90's Specifications :

As a mid-tier phone, Galaxy A90 5G has got an impressive specification that will blow the mind of mid-range phone users. Galaxy A90 is coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which will provide satisfactory processing power. A90 has 8 GB Ram & 128 GB storage which is ample enough for a mid-range phone. 

Now let's talk about display and it is one of the best parts because it has 6.7 inches 1080p OLED display panel with fingerprint scanner inside the display. This feature is not available in any other mid-range phone in the market. So Samsung is unique here. The triple-camera system is available in the back panel of the device which has a 48-megapixel main lens, 8 megapixel of ultra-wide sensor and the third one is a depth sensor of 5 megapixels. Samsung didn't compromise anything in terms of camera sensors. For the selfie shooters, Samsung has another surprise here because they are going to give a 32 megapixel of selfie camera to give the mid-range phone users the best selfie experience on a mid-tier mobile phone.

Inside of Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, Samsung is giving a non-removable battery of 4500 mAh which will keep the device alive for a long time for sure. So without any doubt, the specification of Galaxy A90 will blow mid-tier phone user's minds. Flagship phones like specification of A90 is different in only one thing and which is price. Budget-conscious customers will be happy to know that Samsung will offer this phone at $850 US Dollar. Though in many markets in Asia this price is still so high but getting 5G in this price range is not a bad deal.